Should a youth baseball pitchers wear a face masks

While the actual risk of being hit in the face with a line drive is slight, the severity of the injury can be blindness or even death. Wear protective goggles that meet the American Society for Testing and Materials 2015-01-21 · I only wear on old style mask with a backwards baseball hat, no chest protector, and shin guards. But can it be argued the baseball player *doesn't* need any extra protection? Genuinely curious: Why aren't we training the baseball kids to wear protective gear when on defense 2017-04-12 · Why Should softball players always wear a face mask? Softball is not the soft fluffy sport many feel it is. That is 20 feet closer than in men’s baseball, and those pitchers are hurling the softball at speeds up to 77 miles per hour, according to experts. However, there is a growing trend in the competitive softball community for infielders to wear softball face masks. The time has come for the Sanctioning bodies of adult softball and youth fastpitch softball to require all softball pitchers and 3rd basemen to wear a protective softball face mask. Such businesses are easy to sue. - There is a concern among coaches that aluminum bats are too lively 2015-04-30 · Why don't kid baseball pitchers wear softball pitcher masks? 04-28-2015, 11:15 PM . Dr. But I’ve never missed a …2014-06-22 · First off, I think if a girl wants to wear a face mask while batting then she should be able to but I don't understand why many schools and leagues make it mandatory when no league in baseball has to. While I have yet to be hit where my cup should be, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit with foul balls. That edict came down from the coach after one of his players was hit in face by a line drive from an aluminum bat. Those who choose to wear a softball fielder's mask do so because they know the speed Her team is the only one in its league that requires pitchers to wear the masks. Green thinks that if a Little League pitcher started wearing a protective cap, it would begin to feel normal as he progressed to high school, college and the minor leagues. It's not like softball is more dangerous than baseball, in fact I would say baseball is probably a little more dangerous considering baseball pitchers generally pitch faster than softball pitchers. Dixie Youth Baseball requires face-mask batting helmets. - Players say they wear face masks because they have been hit in the face by a line drive or they have seen another player get hit. . In high school fastpitch softball the pitcher is a mere 40 feet away from home plate. Those players are now playing in high school and don't think twice about wearing them. Depending on the day I may or may not wear a cup. I know softball dimensions small(er)/game super-fast, so one could argue that a softball player *really* needs the extra protection. Youth leagues apparently figure it's hard to sue them, so they will continue to ignore the injuries. According to the U. S - Youth softball leagues across Long Island began mandating that pitchers wear face masks several years ago. As far as I know, no other national organization does. For the USSSA, wearing a mask as a softball pitcher or infielder is a matter of personal choice, as they do not mandate the use of fast-pitch face masks for softball players in these positions. I’ve been hit on both shoulders/upper chest several times, and even on the inside of my thigh. If baseball wants to mandate helmets, or even helmets with additional face guards, it would best start at the youth level. Many public batting cages now require face-mask batting helmets

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