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Is the michael myers mask based off of william shatner's face

It's an old story, but for those who've not heard it before or have but don't know all the details, StarTrek. Author: Official William Shatner PageViews: 782KWilliam Shatner Has Worn Michael Myers Mask Trick or https://movieweb. It turns out his face was used for the mask that Halloween film franchise killer Michael Myers wore. It's well-known that John Carpenter's classic slasher movie used a 2019-01-26 · Compass International Pictures. fandom. com/halloween-william-shatner-michael-myers-mask2018-11-16 · William Shatner has revealed that he used to wear the Michael Myers Halloween mask when trick-or-treating with his children. For example, it had been rumored for decades that the mask the killer Michael Myers wore in the Halloween films was in fact based on William Shatner's face. It's a well-known piece of trivia that Michael Myers' hauntingly blank mask was actually a Captain Kirk mask from Star Trek that was painted white and altered for the movie. In each film, the mask is different but it usually features the exact same characteristic: a blank, expressionless white latex face with brown hair. Forty years (and several sequels and a reboot) later, the Michael Myers’ mask based on a Captain Kirk mask made of William Shatner’s face in …2018-11-16 · William Shatner has revealed he once donned the Michael Myers mask from Halloween while trick-or-treating. 98 from a costume shop. com/wiki/Michael_Myers'_maskMichael Myers' mask or "The Shape" is a white mask worn by Michael Myers in the Halloween series. Tune in August 6, 2014 to catch Author: StromboViews: 73KMichael Myers' mask | Halloween Series Wiki | Fandomhttps://halloweenmovie. The mask was actually created from a cast of Shatner from cult horror movie The Devil’s Rain, which was then TIL that Michael Myers terrifying mask in "Halloween" is based on William Shatner's face and was purchased for $1. 2009-03-10 · William Shatner talks about his face being the model for Michael Myer's mask from the horror classic "Halloween" and reminsces with his daughter about going trick or treating in the mask. 2016-10-31 · Urban legends are sometimes true. Not just Shatner's face, but a Captain Kirk death mask created for Star Trek. I'm too lazy to edit the mask …Although Don Post Studios turned down an offer by the filmmakers to receive points in the movie in exchange for an original mask it was the company's own 1975 Star Trek: The Original Series (1966) Captain Kirk mask of actor William Shatner, after alteration, that epitomized the face of Michael Myers. com is revisiting 2015-10-27 · The face of the mass-murdering Michael Myers character in the 'Halloween' films was originally a Captain Kirk mask. . 2013-11-01 · William Shatner's best Halloween story is an unsettling one

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